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Trash Handlers

We have an outstanding track record of providing excellent collection services, investments in the community, and innovative waste reduction programs that have helped the community reach its sustainability goals. Because we have been together for over 12 years, they know us. 

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About Us

Trash Handlers Limited is a service provider of waste collection, transfer and disposal service. We strive to provide excellent service for those communities that place their trust in our company and we are always dedicated to putting our customer first.
Some people think waste is a dirty job, but we think it’s a great opportunity, because we know that if there is strategy to customize waste management, there is a way to empower people and clean up the world. From our point of view, waste doesn’t have to ruin the environment. In fact, it is possible for it to do the opposite.

Why Choose Us


The transport of Solid Waste before and after recycling presents a significant ecological and financial impact. The flexible structures of our reprocessing arrangements allow us to reduce this impact, in comparison with operators who rely on fixed reprocessing sites.

Trash Handlers Limited specializes with both waste transport and disposal. We carry out rigorous in-depth audits of all our chosen disposal outlets from a compliance and quality perspective. Our guarantee is that we operate to the highest practicable standards.

Quality Services

We have been offering waste management services for the past 12 years. We therefore fully understand all the challenges associated with our work. We have developed strategies and trained our team to offfer the best service you can get in the market.

Affordable Pricing

Our waste management rates depend on Waste Volume and frequency of the collection. Rates are available on our waste collection contract to be filled on signing the Service level agreement

Operational Excellence

Efficient and reliable collection services have never been an issue for Trash Handlers Limited. We are known locally for delivering quality effective services.

Our Promise to CLIENT – Protecting Your Natural Resources

Protecting the environment and conserving natural resources is at the core of our business. Our operations staff receives rigorous training on protecting resources. We prioritize preventative approaches to environmental protection.
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