We have three (3) Customized approaches of providing Waste Management Services to our clients as follows:-
1) Option 1: Weekly
We shall collect the waste once per week on the designated day as per Zone
2) Option 2: Twice a week.
Depending on the volume and client request we can collect the waste twice in a week.
3) Option 3: Special Collection.
Special collection will be organized within 24hrs
Our waste management rates depend on Waste Volume and frequency of the collection. Our waste collection contract to be filled on signing the Service level agreement as follows
  1. Once per week Collection 
  2. Twice Per Week Collection 
  3. Special collection rate not part of the the No 1 & 2 above shall be based on the volume at a greed rate by both parties before collection of the said waste.
Garbage fee is payable by every 5th latest 10th of every month. All late payments without prior arrangement shall accrue at a compounded interest of 3% per month till the account is settled in full.
Payment can be settled through;
  1. PAYBILL  No.519376 or 792499                 
  2. Cheque to be drawn in Favour of TRASH HANDLERS LIMITED
  3. Direct Deposit to our Cooperative Bank of Kenya Account No. 01148559921500
We shall provide you with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) form to be completed in triplicate for record purposes.