Trash Handlers Limited (THL) believes that every business, no matter how small or large, has an environmental and social impact in some way, on the world we live in. Being proactive with CSER we will help to maintain a competitive advantage externally by protecting our reputation and internally through engaging our employees.
THL believe that it is essential that the company conducts itself in an ethical manner and does what it can to ensure that it does not have an impact on the environment, economy and social aspects that can affect us all.
As a result of the industry we are in, we are passionate about continually assessing, improving and reducing the impact that our actions have, not only on the global environment, but also on local communities. In order to do this we ensure the waste we collect from our customers is disposed of safely, exceeding all legislative requirements. THL continually evaluates the recovered materials we come into contact with for their environmental impact and seek to eliminate or reduce harmful substances.
THL continually looks for ways to minimize our carbon footprint by evaluating such things as energy, fuel consumption, etc and maintain regular contact with regulatory bodies such as the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) and local Authorities Regulations
THL recognizes that CSER is not just about the global impact but also the impact that our activities may have on local communities. We therefore strive to ensure our actions do not adversely affect those communities.
THL is aware that CSER is not just about the impact we have on the environment/community but that it also concerns human rights and ethics. We recognize our responsibilities to our employees and have implemented policies that comply with legislation relating to employment rights and equal opportunities. We also appreciate that employees are our most valuable asset and have the right to a healthy and safe working environment. We therefore provide a safe and secure workplace and promote good health, safety and environmental practices both at our premises and the premises of our customers. Through the continual implementation of Investors in People we proactively train and develop our staff, pay wages and benefits that meet or exceed the national minimum requirements  and seek to ensure that our employees are not exposed to verbal, physical, sexual or any other form or harassment and act swiftly if this is encountered
THL expect our employee(s) to act with honesty and integrity